3 Ways to Make 2017 An Empowering Year

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3 Ways to Make 2017 A Happy & Empowering Year

1- Frame Your Year from Feb-Nov

2 - Choose One Area in Your Life Where You’re Ready For Positive Change NOW & Decide WHY

3 - Set Goals that are Achievable & that FEEL Good

1. Frame Your Year From Feb-Nov:

January and December are really buffer months to your goals & accomplishments. Use the month of January to get clear on what you really want to focus on (Plant the seed). Allow December to be a month of reflection and celebration (Appreciate the Harvest).

This leaves you with 10 solid months to Evolve & Grow!

2. Choose One Area In Your Life Where You’re Ready For Positive Change NOW & Why It’s Important to You
Set yourself up for success by choosing One area to focus on. As you improve one area of your life, you’ll see improvement in every area throughout the year.

Next, Why is this important to you? This is THE motivating factor that is going to pull you through this 2017 year. Think of your Why as Your Home Base. When things get tough or life throws you a curve ball, your Why is what motivates you to keep going!

Lastly, how will your goal positively impact your family or those around you?

3. Set Goals That Are Achievable & That FEEL Good
You want to have an “End Result” in mind so you know what you're striving for and make sure it FEELS Good!

Side Note: No Roll Overs! If your goal is to volunteer your time at one charity every month and you’re able to volunteer 3 days in February-> You still have to commit volunteering one day in March and April because it is so important that you continually “Show Up For Yourself!”

Tony Robins says that “Happiness Comes From Progress.” Consistently showing up for yourself and your goals are what will contribute to your Evolution!

So there you have it! 3 Ways To Make 2017 A Happy & Empowering Year! Thank you for your time, energy and support. I look forward to seeing you all every Thursday at 1pm EST/ 10am PST.

Now MOST IMPORTANTLY: WE want to hear from YOU. Write in the comment box below and share your Goals and how we as a community can support you. Let's enjoy the journey! We're in this together!!

- Megan