5 Easy Principles for Staying Empowered

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Often times as human beings we can feel that things are beyond our control.  We can feel victim to the randomness of life events. However, it doesn't have to be that way at all. There is a way to stay empowered but not be a control freak over every little detail. Life Coach and MentalHappy Mentor, Haley Night offers some simple and practice ways to stayed empowered in your daily life. 

Haley Night's 5 Principles for Staying Empowered: 

1) Boundaries are a must in order to truly loved and be loved in relationships and with yourself. 

2) Self-love isn't something you attain, it's the daily practice of caring for yourself and putting yourself first. 

3) Be a shining example of living in the light and watch how you inspire others to follow your lead. 

4) You can only meaningfully contribute to a relationship when you're actively making strides to put yourself first!

5) Surrender the need to control others and circumstances in your life. 

Also, enjoy this guided meditation on Empowerment that she recorded for you! Get it here: Embrace Your Power

Big Love,

Haley Night

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