5 Reasons Why Showing Sympathy Just Isn't Enough

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Showing sympathy is a very polite thing to do, but in most cases where a person is trying to heal from a major life's trauma, sympathy is often times not enough and here's why:

1. He or she hears the same thing over and over. 

    What many of us do not realize is that when we use sympathetic statements such as; "I am sorry to hear that" or "I am sure it will get better" the person has heard it over a hundred times. It's a standard statement that most people give without even really expressing empathy.

    2. Flowers fade away.  

      Flowers are really beautiful gesture in the moments of expressing romantic love, appreciation or friendship. However, in times where he or she is trying to cope or heal from the loss of a loved one, dying flowers can be just another painful reminder.

      3. Most efforts of sympathy lack real solutions. 

        Healing is a process. Sympathy cards or gift baskets really do nothing to provide real tools or resources on how exactly one should go about trying to heal. The standard answer is that it takes time. That is easier said than done when you are not the one hurting.

        4. Sometimes he or she needs company.

          Giving a card or sending a quick text is a nice show of sympathy, but someone hurting is sometimes pretty lonely or at least feel alone and could be in need of human interaction i.e. quality time.

          5. Sympathy does not show compassion. 

            Sometimes we often forget that the roles could be reversed very easily, and we could be the one in that persons shoes.