Back to School? or Back to Stress?

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Dear Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors and Friends of a college student:

Did you know, Over 50% of college students do not disclose cases of mental illness, mental fatigue, anxiety or distress to their college or parents (source: As a mom of a sophomore in college I was pretty shocked to learn that fact.

The mental happiness of college students is important because it means better grades, better communication with teachers and peers, and a better overall college experience. Equip your college student with support during stressful times. It's an invaluable lesson that will carry them well into adulthood.  

Here at MentalHappy you've decided to to a little something special for the tomorrows leaders and world changers. We are customizing Cheerboxes to with love, motivation, healthy snacks and maybe even a little lunch...lots of fun surprises in every Cheerbox!

Encourage your future grad with a motivational Cheerbox From MentalHappy.

Judy Allen- Mom & Happiness Aide

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