Faith and Happiness

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Back home in Arizona I was facing one of the most difficult times in my life. I had to say "until next time..." to one of my absolute favorite humans on this Earth. He was my biggest supporter, hugest fan, someone who lifted my spirits, the person who gave me the ability to believe I can live the way I want and believe in the dreams I choose. He was a rebel spirit who had a different way of thinking than most and is never ever boring.
So, I'm officially back in LA and all moved into my new place. Am I currently sharing a bed with my sister. Are there currently 3 of us in a one bedroom? Yep! Does it suck? A teeny bit, but it's home. Being back feels like I was never gone, but that I woke up and everything has changed.

I am learning to adjust my need for control. I am waking up and instead letting the feeling of being overwhelmed stop me from getting out of bed, I'm just open to whatever is going to happen. I have lost the need to care about things that mean nothing. I have changed from being a spiritual zero to someone who is thankful for the day. Attitude of gratitude as I have heard it said.
I was a prisoner to my own self control. And now I'm learning what it really feels like to be free. Free as a Bird! Yep that is me! Flying here or there but always remembering how to fly back home.
Home is somewhere I am going to allow to change and alter. Release my worries and let my inner Pocahontas have her way (that’s what I call my spirit; Pocahontas).
Life has a way of bringing you to where you need to be if you just trust your journey.