How to Guide on Feeling Good All the Time

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There is a direct connection between getting everything you desire in life and how you feel in the midst of not having everything you want in life. If you can shift your focus from the discomfort of any given situation (money, relationship/family, health, love or career) towards a more positive outlook then the world will magically unfold towards your heart’s true desire. You are probably thinking how on earth do I do that when I feel so bad, or so sad, or so angry or in so much physical pain? It’s pretty easy to do so in theory however in real life it takes practice! Every time you may have a less than pleasant or negative thought just simply immediately replace it with a positive one.  

Common negative aspects that humans either say too often in their minds or even out loud to others:

Love/Relationships: I am always ending up with loser guys or everyone else has a lover and I can’t find one.
Money: I am so broke, I never have any money!
Home: I hate this house, I can’t wait to move out of this place.
Body: I have cancer and it sucks! Or I am too fat to be in a dress like that.
Career: My boss is a jerk or I can’t stand this job.

Here’s a simple way to practice feeling good about everything to get what you really want out of life: Spend 10 minutes a day writing positive aspects about your home, body, work and relationships (family/romantic).

Here are Examples of Positive Aspects to Start Feeling Good Immediately:  

Relationship/Love (Positive Aspect): I appreciate the lessons from my past relationship(s) and I am looking forward to learning even more about how to love myself and others.

Money: I am always receiving the energy of money!
Body: I appreciate my body for being strong and healing. Or I am healing my body everyday or I value and love myself.
Home:  I appreciate the warmth and protection this home provides for me
Career: I appreciate the opportunity this job has provided for me and I am eager to see what’s next for me in my career.

It may be difficult to image but there’s always something worse or more uncomfortable than what you are currently experiencing or going through. And there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for in the midst of life’s trying moments. If you can shift your energy little by little, appreciate yourself more, forget the past, and accept that your situation isn’t a punishment it’s a valuable life lesson you will begin to feel good.  Once you feel good, life, Source, God, the universe (whatever your choose to call it) will return that same goodness back to you in every way.

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Enjoy the journey!

Tamar - Founder at MentalHappy

(Based on the teachers of the great master, Abraham Hicks)