Meet Claire Bristow -Founder - Her Society

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Her Society was conjured in the midst of crisis! In a hospital ward, in the darkest of times, I decided I needed to help other women share their stories and find the support they need to get through this ever-challenging life. Whilst I had visitors every day bringing gifts and making their love known, I would watch day after day my fellow inpatients receive no visitors at all. Not even a mother, sibling, friend. I thought if I can barely get through each day with all of this support, how are they going to without it?

6 years prior I was also in hospital, but for a different reason. Anorexia had weaved its way into my mind and body as I found myself on a path to self-destruction. Subconsciously, I had decided that to be perfect I needed to control every single ounce of energy my body consumed and I needed to do this as purely as possible. Eating disorders are a vicious cycle of self-loathing and negative reinforcement and I would never wish one upon anybody.
I have experienced the destruction and pain it causes to everyone it’s path and I hope that anyone suffering can make it through the other side just as I was lucky enough to do. At least until it re-moulded itself into another form of harsh mental illness.

I’ve ‘had’ depression for over a year now. I wasn’t really surprised when it hit, as it’s near impossible for someone with unrealistic expectations and unattainable, idealistic perfectionist mentalities to truly be content with themselves. All that self doubt and self loathing had to appear again sometime, I supposed. Fortunately, as you can see by my writing this, I made it out the other side. And when I did, I vowed to help others who may be struggling, too. This world is cruel. It’s also spectacularly beautiful. To accept both facts is a harsh reality, but one in which we have a choice in. It took me a long time to realise it Is okay to have both, and that one doesn’t exist without the other.

Growing up as a woman in today’s society is rough. We constantly have images shoved in our faces of how we should be, or what we could be.  Endlessly striving for perfection. We find ourselves in competition with one another, constantly comparing ourselves and not coming out on top. Her Society’s mission is to combat this reality and the social norms that encourage these pressures. By sharing our stories, we can help one another. We can learn we are not alone on this journey. My support network is what got me through. Now, I have created one for everyone else. We’re in this together.

With love-
Claire B.

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