MentalHappy Guide to Everyday Healing (Cancer)

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Dear Humans,
Below are suggestions on how to feel good along your journey towards healing. We invite you to shift your energy and focus using a few practical steps listed below. It is our desire and our knowing that you have all the power within you to overcome anything you desire.  Much love, happiness and healing to you.

Please Stay Positive and Avoid All Negative Energy:  
Only watch comedy shows and movies because laughter raises the healing vibration of the body. Avoid the news on TV, negative people, angry movies and TV shows. Laughing is so good for the body and supports healing cancer for the following reasons:
            •Boosts the immune system and circulatory system
            •Enhance oxygen intake and improve sleep
            •Stimulate the heart and lungs
            •Relaxes the body, muscles for sense of well-being
            •Releases endorphins (body’s natural painkiller)
            •Ease digestion/soothes stomach aches
            •Balance blood pressure and improve memory, alertness and creativity

It’s Important to Use Positive Self Talk and Visualization:
“Steve is "healing cancer"….not “Steve has cancer” because our thoughts become real things. Saying “Steve has cancer” keeps his body in the state of “having” cancer.   It’s better to say “Steve is healing cancer” because then the body begins to move forward with the healing process.

Please wear earbuds/headset and listen to calming meditation music on a tablet or smartphone to avoid hearing the negative comments from the others. The journey needs to remain upbeat, positive with a good attitude no matter how bad it gets.

Healthy Mantra to Say:  
“I declare I am open to receiving all healing energy and it completely releases all the cancer cells in my body. I am healthy, energized, healed, whole, complete and have full liberty of my body. I have learned the lesson with healing cancer and I forgive myself, and others, for all emotional and physical pain. My heart is healthy and strong and I love myself unconditionally. God and my warrior team of angels are by my side. And so it is.”

When friends and family ask how they can help, ask them to pray and “see/visualize” their loved one healed, healthy, laughing and having family dinners.  Visualizing is powerful and key to getting through this journey.

The Body Heals the Most While It Is Completely at Rest.
Sleep when you’re tired…avoid seeing guests if you are tired because your body needs to heal. 


Our mission is to help humans improve mental well-being and find happiness within themselves and their organizations.