Reclaiming You: Get out of your GUILTBOX and start putting yourself first!

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“I went live on Facebook today for MentalHappy, the makers of Cheerbox (an awesome product where you can send people a small box of goodies and happiness tools to cheer them up!).” -Halle

Here Are 5 Powerful and Useful Tips from My Talk:

1) Putting yourself first helps everyone around you. Otherwise, resentment builds up and everyone you are close to (especially kids) senses that.

2) Not putting yourself first will eventually cause your body to say STOP. This can show up as you getting sick or falling (you have to lie down to recover), or possibly something really bad, like getting cancer.

3) Use time management tools, even a couple, to get back a few minutes of the day to call your own (my favorites include setting a timer for 15 minutes, and only putting 3 things on your To Do list every day).

4) Celebrating your accomplishments will make you feel even better about yourself AND give you a reason to put yourself first (you deserve it!).

5) If you think of yourself as the center hub of the wheel of your life (work, kids, parents, partner, etc, are all the spokes) you will see how when you function better, so do all the spokes of the wheel.

Check out the whole talk here on Facebook, and Contact me if you want some help!


Halle Eavelyn - Transformational Coach

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