Employee Happiness

Validate your team's wins with more than another t-shirt, sticker or box-o-stuff!

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Key Benefits
More than just another box-o-stuff company

Inspirational Things

Promote Empathy.

Your job is to connect with your team. That might be in recognizing a problem, or in offering practical support on an ongoing basis.

Thoughtful Things

Build Comfort

Workplace performance increases when employees are comfortable; therefore, it is important to consider talking about mental health.

Fun Things

Retain strong talent.

Employees have come to expect more from employers in terms of atmosphere, culture and overall wellness benefits.

Immediate Impact on Your Bottom Line

Inspirational Things

Reduce Illness Leave.

Employees who are healthy and happy, both mentally and physically, take fewer sick days, cutting employers medical cost.

Fun Things

Increase Productivity.

A mentally healthy employee is more productive and contributes more to the business. Productivity and engagement is piviotal to your bottom line.

Thoughtful Things

Insurance Discount.

Investing in your employees overall health makes you elegible for insurance discounts. Please contact your provider.

Fun Things

Luckily some of our clients below have taken initiative to make their employees happy.

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How Does It Work
Make your employee mental well being a priority

All happiness tools provided in each Cheerbox are personalized based on the recipient’s needs.


Look for Cheers to Give

The need to address happiness in the workplace is relevant now more than ever. Look for employees who may need encouragement or employees doing a kick-ass job.


A Practical Approach

Making happiness a business priority makes employees feel valued and supported, and the benefits are widespread. Select from a carefully curated Cheerboxes for best resources.


Send a CheerBox

The Cheerbox offers the recipient fun and practical ways to achieve some level of happiness and includes resources on how to heal emotionally and physically.

MentalHappy Cheerbox

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The Best Way to Test If the Cheerbox Will Work for Your Company/Organization Is to Send one to Someone and Get Their Feedback.
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Times When Employees Need a Cheerbox

Fun Things

Parental Leave

Fun Things

Sick Leave

Fun Things

Funeral Leave

Fun Things

Medical Leave


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